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TNT Media Group, Inc has been consolidating small publishers since September,1992. Our business has grown over the years and we have become an industry leader in this area.

In 2001, Borders Bookstores honored TNT Media Group with its Sidelines Vendor of the Year Award. It was quite an honor but was also a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our staff.

The service we provide is a very important piece in the success of our partners, both on the retail and supplier side. Our retail partners look for TNT to provide quick, accurate, and consistent information, in a format that works for that retailer. TNT is electronically linked with our retail vendors, so that product information, purchase orders, and invoices flow smoothly and accurately through the system.

Our supply partners benefit from TNT's strong relationships with our retail partners. These relationships have been developed over many years of servicing and developing trust with the buyers.

Our Promise has remained the same over all of these years:

Your titles will be presented to the appropriate buyers at our retail partners. Presentation is an important part in the sale process but so is the ability and ease of the retail partner to write an order. TNT can provide you with both.

Click on the page that matches the type of product you have. That page will tell you what we will need to present your titles and provide you with a partial list of our retail partners.

We look forward to hearing from you.