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Please contact us to discuss the distribution of your titles.
Below is a list of our personnel and the areas that they service.  The direct line to our office is 813-854-1746. 

Timothy Ackerman - President ext 115                     tima@tntmediagroup.com

Timothy J Kelley - Vice President  ext 122                 timk@tntmediagroup.com

Dawn Lambert - Assistant to Tim Ackerman  ext 113  dawn@tntmediagroup.com

Bette Rubino - Calendar Publisher Liason  ext 117      bette@tntmediagroup.com

Stan Barker - Controller - ext 111                           Stan@tntmediagroup.com

Mike England - Fulfillment Manager - ext 121       mengland@tntmediagroup.com

Key Addresses for TNT Media Group, Inc

TNT Media Group, Inc
Corporate Office/Sales

161 Vollmer Ave
Oldsmar, FL 34677
phone 813-854-1746
fax 813-854-2567

TNT Media Group, Inc
Sales Office

787 Fairfield Circle
Minnetonka, MN 55305
phone 952-525-8668
fax 952-525-1948